Increase your Impact and Income with YogiFi

With YogiFi, your ability to grow your practice and serve the yoga community is no longer limited to your local geographic area. Now, students from all across the globe can subscribe to your programs and practice at their own convenient time. You can monitor each student’s progress remotely and review their data on flexibility, balance, frequency of practice etc. and provide personalized guidance at your own convenient time. Expand your business and reach more students with YogiFi.

Your Students will Love YogiFi (and You)

Your students will love using YogiFi as part of your training program. You can design generalized programs for your students, or personalize them based on a unique student’s specific needs. Keep your students motivated using YogiFi’s fun recurring challenge feature. YogiFi will truly elevate your training, your engagement with your students and your teaching practice.

Join The YogiFi Teachers Community

Expand your reach by breaking the physical boundaries of traditional yoga classes by joining the YogiFi Teachers community. Tap into the latest technology to generate additional revenue by designing your own unique signature programs and making them available to students around the world. Never turn away another student again just because your local class is full. Making YogiFi a part of your business is a win for you and a win for your students.

Enjoy Flexibility, Freedom, and Fun With YogiFi
How Does YogiFi Work?

How it Works in Trainer Mode

The technology behind the magic

  • Create your account on YogiFi Guru app
  • Create your program
  • Create your asana/yoga posture
  • Track student’s practice
  • Challenges for students

Step into your Best with YogiFi

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