YogiFi Series 1

Retail Price: $399* (Mat Price) + $19.99/mo subscription**

Product Launch Offer until Jan 19, 2020: $199* (Mat Price) + 50% off ($9.99/mo) on subscription**

*Excludes shipping and taxes

**Monthly subscription to access Premium Programs on YogiFi App, created by yoga teachers across the world

Order Your Yogifi mat

Expected date of delivery is May 2020

Product Specifications

  • YogiFi Series-1 Mat

    - Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic Mat Fabric

    - Size: 170cm x 60cm x 6mm

    - Guided Audio Instructions for Aasanas

    - Real-Time Feedback on Postures

    - Visual LED Indicator


    - Bluetooth 4.1 and above

    - Wi-Fi 802.11ac (only needed during initial set-up and the package updates)


    - USB Type-C cable (included)

    - Rechargeable Li-On 3000 mAH (included)

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YogiFi aims to welcome people from around the world into the path of holistic wellness by making yoga accessible to students of all fitness levels, ages and abilities.