The world's FIRST Smart Yoga Assistant

Powered by an Intelligent Fitness Mat with Built-in Sensors

And a unique AI Platform that has been Trained by Our Expert Yoga Teachers

Get step-by-step guidance from a virtual instructor

And receive real-time feedback on body position from the YogiFi mat

Track changes in your strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance after each session

And Track & Compare your Vitals Before and After the Workout

Pairs with Apple Watch & Fitbit

Allow your studio teacher to monitor your practice remotely and provide one-on-one recommendations

Choose the Yoga or daily Wellness program that inspires you

All programs developed with expert yoga teachers

All Programs are Curated by Global Yoga Teachers

Join a live instructor-led session through YogiFi Digital

With Real-Time Tracking
by YogiFi Mat

Connect with friends, practice together and share motivating challenges

And Enter in Healthy and Motivating Challenges
for a Playful Yoga Practice

The Future of Yoga

With YogiFi

  • You will never have to miss a yoga session due to time constraints
  • You will never feel Yoga is Boring
  • You will never feel lost with figuring out right sessions
  • You can practice at your own pace
  • You always get personalized attention from the teachers

And you are Never Alone while Practicing Yoga Anywhere/Anytime

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The Future of Yoga

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