An Intelligent Yoga Mat with built-in technology for holistic wellness

Yoga is the science of holistic wellness.

YogiFi unifies this Ancient science with Modern Technology.

It is built on the state-of-the-art technology (IoT, AI, Edge Computing) that tracks Asanas,  Guides to perfection in every posture, measures daily progress and session effectiveness, Provides 360 degree view of inner and outer wellbeing and helps one achieve their Fitness and Flexibility goals.

YogiFi helps teachers to create personalised sessions and track the progress of their remote students.

Key Features of YoGiFI

Connected | Comprehensive | Calibrated

Guided Instructions

Smart Sensors embedded to track asanas

Smart Corrections

Voice instructions providing correctional feedback on asanas to the practitioner

Wearable Integration (Optional)

Integrates with wearables such as Fitbit, Samsung Gear to track body vitals

Vitals Correlation

Correlates vitals with the yoga practices and tracks effectiveness of yoga sessions on holistic wellness

Wifi and Bluetooth Enabled

Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity for transmitting sensor data and communicating with the central platform

Multi-mode Setting

Can be set into multiple modes – Training mode for training new asanas, Practice mode for practicing the trained asanas and Relaxation mode for exercising deep relaxation practices

Smart Assistants Integration (Optional)

Integration with Smart Assistants (Alexa/Home) as a motivating companion with voice instructions

How YogiFi helps everyone?

A motivating companion for Yoga practitioner  |  A smart assistant to Yoga Teacher


Makes Yoga easy to adopt and Fun to Practice as part of one’s daily routine


Helps yoga practitioners track progress of their yoga sessions


Helps Yoga teachers to monitor their individual student’s progress


Provides the flexibility to schedule and practice Yoga Anytime/Anywhere


We came together as one team connected by a common passion:  YOGA & FITNESS.


Deliver next generation of holistic wellness for everyone by combining the best of ancient sciences and modern technology.